Summertime in New Orleans

(suggested listening: “Summertime in New Orleans” by Anders Osborne…accurately captures the S-L-O-W speed of summer in New Orleans, as well as the importance of stoop/porch sitting.)

How can it be summertime already?! I started this blog last year, then lost everything I’d written around January. It’s taken me until now to get back in the swing of things. Hard to believe it’s mid-June!

Summer started with a trip to the Cayman Islands for a wedding. Gosh, what a beautiful place. Besides getting to see a bunch of old friends and seeing one of my favorites tie the knot, the very best part was getting up close and personal with my spirit animal, the sea turtle, at this spot. It was incredible!

I love to start summer with a to-do list, because it always seems to go by so quickly! In years past, the to-do list included things like getting all my friends together for a picnic and outdoor movie. My summer to-do lists have fallen off a little bit after returning to New Orleans, because it’s so darn hot and hard to be very productive. The other reason the to-do list might be put onto the back burner for this year, is because I got an offer accepted on an investment property. PROJECT! More on that later, but in the mean time, my bare bones summer to-do list is:

  • Spend an evening or two at Bacchanal – Bacchanal is an excellent addition to any New Orleans itinerary. You walk through a wine shop, purchase a bottle, then bring it into an adorable backyard to drink. There’s a food window in the backyard where you can order & they’ll deliver it to your table. The food is excellent! Plus, they have music nightly, always fun bands…great place to spend an afternoon or early evening (it dies off pretty early…) There’s just something so special about a muggy summer evening with good friends in the Bacchanal backyard.
  • Day trip to Blue Bayou Waterpark – I’ve been wanting to do this for years, and still haven’t. A substitute would be hang out on a lazy river somewhere (I think there are some in Mississippi)
  • Speaking of Mississippi, go to this place. Has gotten rave reviews from friends of mine.
  • Trip to Asheville, for hiking, beer drinking and friend-visiting
  • Buy a day bed for my front room. Wanting this one, but looking for something on Craigslist.
  • Spend more time on my deck – this one is more than likely going to be abandoned if the new property purchase goes through.

So that’s what’s on the docket for me. What are your summer plans?

Away we go (again!)

Well, here we are again. I began blogging last year, and then, in a flurry of traveling and work in January, did not renew my hosting in time before it expired. It would have been $100 to reinstate my site…so I opted for a fresh start. The good news is that there was a $12.99 hosting special for the year (so this will not happen again).

What will I cover on this blog? Oh gosh. It will be about cool stuff in my adopted hometown of New Orleans, travel, food, things to make and do, decor, my adventures in renovating, etc. Thanks for reading.